A collection of "How to's" as samples

This page references tutorials that can help you out with particular challenges. At all descriptions it is assumed that you have read and understood the Getting Started page.

Virtualize CRUD functionality

Wouldn't it be great if you had a virtualisation solution that fully simulates Create, Read, Update and Delete functionality?
apiUi offers statefull behaviour in two flavours, a low-code way and a way with scripting.
This tutorial will demonstrate how to realize CRUD functionality with scripting.

Requests with a list

Sometimes you want to mock a service that has a repeating element in the request and it is your job to provide a response with a repeating group with corresponding elements.
This tutorial demonstrates a few ways to handle this.

Webhooks and Callbacks

Some long running processes wait for notifications of certain events from other systems. Such notifications are often done with a webservice call. Such calls are known as webhooks or callbacks. This tutorial will show you how you can simulate such an asynchronous call on receiving an inbound call..