Operation Options

get there in apiUi by a right-click on an operation name


Messages received or sent by apiUi can be checked against the schema. apiUi distinguishes four event-types for which schema validation can be applied. These four event-types are

  • Inbound requests
    apiUi receives an incoming request
  • Outbound replies
    apiUi produces a response to a request it has received
  • Outbound requests
    apiUi sends a request
  • Inbound replies
    apiUi receives a reply to a request it has sent

For each event-type you can choose from the same options. Inbound requests, however, has one extra option.

Options are:

  • accordingProject
    When this option is used, the Project setting for schema validation is applied. This is the most used option. Settings on project level determine behaviour.
  • noSchemaValidation
    apply this option if you do not want to validate messages for this event-type with this operation.
  • reportSchemaViolations
    apiUi does validate the message against the schema. Processing proceeds on violation.
  • raiseExceptionOnViolation
    only appliccable with Inbound requests.
    when you apply this setting apiUi will validate messages against schema and on violations respond with an HTTP responsecode. You can specify which code to use.


Should aliasses (format ${alias}) be resolved during operation.

Before outbound request

Default true.
When true, before sending a request, apiUi will scan for aliasses and replace them by the context value. See also context switching

Before outbound reply

Default true.
When true, just before responding to a request, apiUi will scan for aliasses and replace them by the context value. See also context switching




Default false.
When true, it is possible to change endpoint configuration from script.
Useful for scripts that do 'callback' operations.


Default false.
When true, it will be possible to change response headers from script.


Maintain a list of other operations that you want to be able to access from the scripts for this operation.


Click the ellipsis button to choose an operation from a list